Stamas supports Glenn in 98th District race

Posted Oct 16

To the editor:

I always put the thoughts and concerns of us, the residents of the 98th District first.

Annette and I both serve on our respective appropriation committees and are tasked with passing the state budget every year. From day one, Annette has committed her time to learning the budget inside and out. There are few in Lansing who have learned the budget better than her in this short time. The families of the 98th District should be proud to have a state representative who works tirelessly to ensure their tax dollars are not wasted.

When Annette is not working in Lansing, she is back home attending events and meeting with her fellow citizens from Midland and Bay counties. I have seen firsthand Annette’s passion and love for her constituents. She is always fully engaged, listening attentively, and treating everyone equally with respect and compassion.

When she was first elected in 2018, I knew Annette would be an excellent legislator. After a quick two years, she has completely shattered my expectations. The people of Midland and Bay counties have one of the best representatives in Lansing working for them every single day. Annette Glenn has my full support, and I look forward to continuing to work alongside Annette when she returns to the Capitol in January.

Please join me in voting for Annette Glenn for state representative.


State Senator 36th District