Rep. Glenn supports continuing to fix Michigan’s roads, bridges, and other failing infrastructure, without raising taxes. She knows that in the Automobile Capital of the World, we must ensure our roads and bridges are safe to drive.

That’s why she voted to fix our roads and bridges and ensure road funding is fairly distributed across the state, without raising taxes on motorists who already spend too much at the pump.

  • Rep. Glenn voted for a $375 million increase in spending for road and bridge repair, which the governor unfortunately vetoed.
  • She supports skilled trades initiatives throughout the state, bringing more trade workers into our economy, allowing the skills gap to be closed and making more manpower available to repair our roads.
  • She opposed the governor’s 45 cent-per-gallon gas tax increase. She also opposes the governor’s $3.5 billion loan that taxpayers will be paying back for generations to come, agreeing with state Sen. Jim Stamas, R-Midland, that Michigan shouldn’t be put in debt to repair our roads. 
  • She supports using existing, unused money instead to repair our roads, understanding that existing laws include automatic increases in road funding each year.

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