Right to Work

Rep. Glenn strongly supports Michigan’s Right to Work law, a civil rights protection that makes it illegal to discriminate against and fire employees who choose not to join a union or give money to union officials who would use their money to push political causes they oppose. Annette will stand firm against any attempt to repeal this guarantee of individual freedom and rights of conscience on the job.

Rep. Glenn believes employees should be free to choose for themselves whether to affiliate with or give money to any private organization.

This is another issue on which voters will have a clear choice this November.

  • Since Right to Work passed in 2012 and before the pandemic, Michigan gained more than 430,000 new jobs — a 10 percent gain, and double that of neighboring Ohio, which doesn’t have Right to Work. 
  • Before the pandemic, average annual wages in Michigan had increased nearly $6,000 since 2012, the year before our state Right to Work law took effect. Under Michigan’s Right to Work (for more) law, income growth has been among the fastest in the nation. 
  • These numbers demonstrate that in addition to being an issue of individual freedom, civil rights, and rights of conscience on the job, Michigan’s Right to Work law has helped our state attract the new business and industry we need to provide better and higher-paying jobs for families in Bay and Midland counties.

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