Rep. Glenn: Governor’s new stay-at-home order needlessly adds more restrictions on Michiganders

Posted Apr 10, 2020

Rep. Annette Glenn, R-Midland, today said she does not agree with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s placing even more restrictions on Michigan citizens and businesses while extending her stay-at-home order until April 30th.

“While it’s absolutely crucial people continue social distancing to stop the spread of this virus, I don’t support more restrictions when it is possible to get people back to work safely so they can support themselves and their families,” Glenn said.

“Hundreds of Midland and Bay county residents have contacted me in the last couple of weeks who want to get back to work,” Glenn continued. “These business owners fully understand the challenges we are facing, and they have comprehensive plans developed to ensure they can safely operate their businesses while protecting the safety of our communities, government shouldn’t stand in their way.

“The Legislature and the governor share a common goal, to stop the spread of coronavirus and help Michigan families survive this challenge physically and economically. Yesterday, I hoped to hear Gov. Whitmer talk more about how we can safely get people back to work. As the state moves forward, we should shift focus from what is considered “essential” and “non-essential” and instead consider what jobs can be performed safely.

“To achieve that goal, we need more and better information to make the best decisions possible. Why are certain businesses that could operate safely closed? Why is the state’s unemployment benefits system failing when Michigan families need it most? Families in Bay and Midland counties, as well as throughout Michigan, deserve answers.

“Every job is essential when it’s the only thing putting food on a family’s table and a roof over their heads. We should allow all employees and businesses to go back to work who we determine can do so safely.”

Rep. Glenn said she continues to have confidence in local government, law enforcement, and public and private healthcare leaders in Bay and Midland counties.

“We’ll get through this pandemic together,” Glenn said. “And I urge community members to join me in acting on faith. I’ll continue to fight for the best solutions for all of our communities and will not back down.”

Rep. Glenn and her staff are working remotely during the pandemic and encourage residents to reach out with any questions or concerns at 517-373-1791 or by email at