Reader wants Glenn re-elected

Posted Oct 10

To the editor:

I’m writing to encourage citizens of Midland to re-elect Annette Glenn as our state representative for the 98th district. On a personal note, my parents and sister were significantly impacted by the recent flood. Annette, along with John Moolenaar, provided immediate leadership and support to people impacted by this tragic event. Annette rolled up her sleeves and helped clean out basements, houses and garages along side the people most impacted by the flood.

She showed real leadership and empathy throughout this crisis in our community. She helped people obtain the assistance they needed which was greatly appreciated. But her value to our community goes beyond her excellent support during a crisis, she also supports and develops policy which help our community.

Annette understands small businesses are the backbone of our community and creating a business friendly environment is critical to job creation and a strong local economy. Annette is a strong advocate for entrepreneurship and helping people succeed in starting new businesses. This is critically important to our community, and I think this separates her from her opponent, who rarely talks about how she will help create a business friendly environment. A thriving business community creates a larger tax base which helps keep our schools strong and improves our local infrastructure. We are fortunate to have Annette as our representative, and I encourage the people of Midland to support her re-election this November.