Reader stands with Annette Glenn

Posted Oct 15

To the editor:

People over politics? Can you honestly say that while holding all your listening sessions and mask making events that you never once considered it might lead to votes for you? Isn’t that using people for politics?

When you or your WOMAN friends orchestrated the many letters to this paper touting your sessions and events, isn’t that politics?

When you organized training sessions on how to disrupt a town hall meeting with John Moolenaar and then brought a mob to do exactly that, isn’t that putting politics over common courtesy?

Shouldn’t you apologize to all the voters in our district for using people for political gain? Since I know you won’t, I’ll say it for you. I’m sorry I’ve used the false slogan “People Over Politics” and then used some of you for my own political gain, and to score political points. I’m sorry I don’t have the integrity to be honest in how I present myself.

No, I’m not a friend of Annette Glenn. I don’t even know her. I do recognize her as someone who is doing a good job as our representative and deserves our votes in her reelection bid.

Let me ask everyone to do you a favor Sarah. Please vote for Annette Glenn, and let Sarah concentrate on getting her home rebuilt and recovering from the hardship she and her family have suffered. Stand with Annette.