Reader lists Glenn’s accomplishments

Posted Oct. 28, 2020

To the editor:

When state bureaucrats threatened doctors over their treatments of COVID-19, Annette Glenn pushed the bureaucrats to withdraw their threats. Long-time Midland Daily News medical columnist Dr. John Pfenninger wrote: “Rep. Glenn’s actions may indeed have saved many lives.”

Democratic state Rep. Karen Whitford said this about Annette: “She puts others before herself. It’s her entire community. When the floods hit, she was nonstop, helping her constituents in any way she could. I swear she doesn’t sleep.”

Jerome Township Fire Chief Jerry Cole wrote: “Rep. Annette Glenn worked with our local first responders during the Edenville and Sanford Dam failures and the COVID-19 pandemic, and she was there for us when we needed the support most. I know Annette is devoted to this district and cares deeply about the people in it.”

Sanford Village Councilman Lon Wackerle wrote: “As a Sanford flood victim, I’m impressed by Annette Glenn’s unending support and constant presence in the community. It was through her bipartisan efforts with the governor that Sanford was declared a national disaster. She was also instrumental in getting Saginaw Road over the Tittabawassee River funded.”

Commissioner Jeanette Snyder wrote: “As the Midland County Commissioner for residents of Sanford hit hard by the dam failures, I want the families I represent to know what I’ve seen up close, that no one cares more or has worked harder or longer to help our flood-ravaged communities than Annette Glenn.”

Midland flood victim Erica Pina wrote: “When I returned to our abandoned house, water had reached the main floor and there we were, not knowing where to start. Then I see Annette Glenn walking down the street with her team coming my way. They came into our house and helped rip up wet and heavy carpet. Annette herself was lugging up basement debris, not only for us, but my neighbor too.”

Kirt Terwillegar, a Midland flood victim whose basement Rep. Glenn and her team of volunteers helped clean out, wrote to Annette on Facebook: “If you work as hard for the state as you did in my house, we’re in great hands.”


Edenville Township