Reader impressed by lawmaker’s actions

Posted Oct 8

To the editor:

During the pandemic among us, I was unsure of what was going to happen and how our community could be restored and rebuilt. I am thankful for Rep. Annette Glenn because she has taken a plethora of actions to help keep the community on track and provide relief.

Thankfully, Rep. Annette Glenn voted for $150 million in coronavirus relief funding, where it would provide relief for the unemployed, small businesses, and Medicare facilities that need more resources. This funding would help those mentioned above, and in doing so would help strengthen the economy by keeping local and small businesses alive, as well as keep the hospitals efficiently equipped to help those working there, as well as their patients.

Not only has she voted for coronavirus relief funding, but she has participated and volunteered in hands-on activities to help those in need. For example, she had joined local school employers to deliver food directly to children by using bus as a transportation. She also participated in food pick up locations to ensure everyone who needed food got it.

While helping a lot directly in the community, she has also been in Cassa communication with local government officials, medical professionals, business and nonprofit owners, and every day citizens, just to name a few. In doing this, she has kept the community aware of the ongoing crisis management and has insured every need has been met.

She has also helped thousands across the district with their unemployment claims, and has been able to provide them with direct avenues to the Unemployment Insurance Agency, helping residents of our district get the proper care they need, want and deserve.

Rep. Annette Glenn has done so much to help with coronavirus relief, and has done an outstanding job in providing the proper care and concern for her constituents.

Nancy Royster