Reader: Glenn is for the people

Posted by Oct. 26, 2020

To the editor:

A representative is a true servant of the people. During the flooding earlier this year, Representative Annette Glenn was on the front lines helping the constituents of her districts recover.

In Lansing, she fought for more than $20 million in state flood relief, called for a fair and truly independent investigation into the dam failure, the state, the dam owner, and anyone else who might be held responsible. She also personally delivered the major disaster relief request to Vice President Pence that, once signed, assisted Midland citizens in gaining FEMA support and funds for rebuilding.

Rep. Glenn did not stop here; she was at the homes of the affected citizens with over 40 volunteers helping to clean out debris and damage. Rep. Glenn is for the people 100%. Please vote to keep Annette Glenn so she may continue to help and protect Midland in Lansing.