Reader: Glenn has proved she wants to keep us safe

Posted Oct. 27, 2020

To the editor:

In a late-night Michigan House session, Representative Annette Glenn got her whistleblower protection bill passed. This law helps protect any state employees who blow the whistle and report any issues or wrong doings that occur in any of the state agencies. This will not only keep the employees safe, but it will also keep Michiganders and our tax dollars safe as well. If this had been put in place earlier, events such as the Flint Water Crisis could have potentially been prevented or noticed sooner. This law will also help prevent the mismanagement of funds as employees will be able to expose problems before they become too big.

Protecting all Michiganders is something that Annette fights for. She will continue to fight for the safety of all Michiganders while also saving our tax dollars from being used incorrectly and from being used to fix problems that could’ve been solved much sooner. This law will also keep Michigan executives and lawmakers in line and discourage or prevent them from breaking the law. This has the potential to prevent corruption within the state. It can also have a major impact on preventing sexual misconduct and eliminating those who commit sexual misconduct, as victims will have the ability to speak out without the fear of retaliation.

Annette Glenn has shown that she wants to keep all of us safe. I encourage all of you to vote for her this November so she can continue the fight to make Michigan a better and safer place.