Reader Defends Local Lawmakers

Posted Apr 7, 2020

To the editor:

The coordinated feed of attacks on anything Republican is getting tiresome. Sarah Schultz has been campaigning for years now. Meanwhile, Annette Glenn is diligently doing the job we elected her to do. Same with Moolenaar. They are quietly doing the work of the people instead of grandstanding in front of the cameras like so many governors.

The governors are particularly irritating. In an emergency like this, if you need supplies, whether ventilators, masks, etc., and your normal supplier cant provide them, you order them through your local emergency management coordinator. Calling the president isn’t the way to get stuff. Going through proper channels ensures resources are allocated as needed.

A lot of hospitals/counties/states are ordering far more than they need. Fortunately, reporting of cases and outcomes is pretty good, so the state and FEMA can allocate things to where they are actually needed. Sure, it is more comfortable to have a month’s supply of masks on hand, but too large a stock means that others aren’t getting what they need. Ordering through proper channels is not as sexy as ranting on the president on television, but much more effective overall.

It would be nice if we could all work together and quit the constant attacks and attention-getting, but I guess that is wishful thinking.