Reader: Annette Glenn takes action

Posted Apr 4, 2020

To the editor:

I truly cannot thank Rep. Annette Glenn enough for all the work she is doing in Lansing and in the district to keep our families healthy, safe, and secure. Not only has Annette Glenn approved a total of $125 million to support efforts to combat COVID-19, but she is acting as a role model here at home.

Since COVID-19 reached our state, Rep. Annette Glenn has personally been a part of the volunteer efforts to deliver food to students that rely on school lunches during the current school closure; has supported local businesses and organizations and put forth an effort to promote them on her personal platforms; fosters a sense of community; and is constantly in contact with national, state, and local operations helping to combat COVID-19.

I couldn’t be more thankful for her calming words of encouragement and gentle strength and confidence in handling the entire crisis. Annette Glenn continues to serve Midland well; and the people of Midland know who is best for our district. I am so proud of the actions she has taken to help support everyday people while we are all dealing with coronavirus.


Ingersoll Township