Reader: Annette Glenn has emerged as a true leader

Posted Oct. 29, 2020

To the editor:

Representative Annette Glenn has done an outstanding job in assisting with the flood recovery and any claim stating otherwise is an outright lie. After the flooding disaster, she organized a volunteer team called, The Hero Helpers, that assisted with cleaning out affected homes and businesses. She personally took part in these cleanup efforts, going door to door and asking anyone who needed help. On top of that, Annette also reached out to multiple business leaders and helped coordinate free labor and equipment to be used in the countless recovery productions.

After cleaning up those affected by the flood, Annette Glenn has stayed in constant communication with local leaders, officials, and residents, ensuring people have the resources they need to rebuild. She has gone out of her way multiple times to personally visit families to make sure they have things they need or a place to sleep for the night. Annette has also done a phenomenal job with putting those who need help in contact with the right organizations for proper assistance. Her and her office have helped hundreds of people get in contact with Michigan’s unemployment office so that they can receive the benefits they need.

I am thoroughly impressed with Annette Glenn’s response and actions since the devastating flood wreaked havoc on our community. From her tireless efforts of helping people on a personal level, to fighting hard for relief in Lansing, Annette has proven herself as a compassionate, thoughtful, and dedicated representative. Given the events of this year, Annette has emerged as a true leader in our community and I whole heartedly believe she is more than worthy of getting reelected this year.