Important Issues

Rep. Annette Glenn is dedicated to serving you, your family, and all the people of Bay, Midland, and Saginaw counties in the new Michigan State Senate District 35 (see map). Read about her views on important issues below. If you have a question about an issue not listed below, please e-mail

Inflation highest in 40 years

Rep. Glenn knows mid-Michigan families are facing the highest increase in the cost of living in 40 years. Inflation has skyrocketed to 9.1 percent as of June 2022. Earlier this year, it was 10.6 percent in Michigan, which will cost the average Michigan family $6,430 extra this year!

That’s why Rep. Glenn voted to suspend our state gas tax for six months, and introduced House Bill 5971 to eliminate the automatic annual gas tax increase that took effect in 2022, a time-delayed “tax hike time bomb” that was part of a gas tax increase passed seven years ago!

As state senator, Rep. Glenn will work to restore America’s energy independence and will vote to keep Line 5 open — to bring down the price of fuel oil and gas. Awash in billions of federal COVID relief dollars, she voted to cut state income taxes across the board and supports repealing the tax on retirement — to help mid-Michigan families make ends meet!

Crime, Public Safety,
Funding the Police

Annette is honored to be the only District 35 state Senate candidate of either party endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police and the Police Officers Association of Michigan. As our state Senator, Rep. Glenn will firmly oppose dangerous demands to “defund the police,” with violent crime on the rise. Saginaw is ranked the 3rd most violent city in America, with the 4th highest murder rate, higher even than Detroit.

Chairing the House Appropriations Subcommittee on State Police in her first term, Rep. Glenn won increased funding for law enforcement and worked to ensure law-abiding Americans remain free to exercise their Constitutional rights to defend themselves, their homes, and their families.

Annette strongly supports law enforcement officers in Bay, Midland, and Saginaw counties who protect and serve, even at risk of their own lives.

Parental Rights and Education

As our state Senator, Rep. Glenn will continue to support every child’s right to a safe, quality education. She voted for a record-high state budget of $15.2 billion for K-12 schools, increasing per-pupil funding for every student in Michigan.

Her bipartisan legislation to return students safely to school during COVID was signed into law by Gov. Whitmer, ensuring school boards were free to decide locally what was best for their students and that schools continued to receive state per-pupil funding whether parents enrolled their children for classroom instruction or remote learning.

After Michigan Democrats questioned whether parents should have a say in their children’s education, Annette sponsored legislation to require that parental rights guaranteed by state law be prominently posted in public school offices and school board meeting rooms: “It is the natural, fundamental right of parents and legal guardians to determine and direct the care, teaching, and education of their children. Her bill passed the House 85 to 16.

Annette’s son (right) graduated from Bay City Western and took classes at the Bay-Arenac Career Center, going on to become a senior rocket propulsion technician and electric vehicle engineer. Another son was on the debate team and graduated from Midland High after also attending the Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy, and one was a state champion point guard at Calvary Baptist Academy.

All her children took classes at Delta College, including a son who earned an Associate’s Degree at age 16, and a daughter who graduated via a “dual enrollment” program between Delta and an online charter school. Her middle children also took classes at the Handley magnet school in Saginaw.

Especially after what parents experienced during COVID, she’ll work to ensure all parents — regardless of income, race, or zip code — are empowered to choose the best and safest school experience for each of their children.

Election Integrity

Annette voted in favor of these major Election Integrity reforms:

HB 4837 and HB 4838 — Prohibits connecting voting machines to the Internet and blocks private entities from having access to the voter file.

HB 4127 — Removes dead people from the voter file.

HBs 4132 and 4133 — Makes it a felony to knowingly provide false information on an absentee voter application.

HB 4845 and HB 4129 — Requires Secretary of State to train local clerks on how to lawfully verify absentee ballot signatures and to post online the names of clerks who haven’t completed required continuing education in election administration.

Protecting Michigan from
Biden’s Open Borders Policy

Joe Biden’s disastrous open borders policy threatens all of us, letting deadly synthetic and often contaminated opioids pour into America, ending up in Michigan.

Too many Americans have already died, including here in the Tri-Cities.

Gang members and terrorists cross our open borders too, some also ending up in Michigan.

Plus, illegal immigration threatens American jobs and wages and burdens local law enforcement, schools, and welfare budgets, leaving U.S. taxpayers to foot the bill. As state Senator, Annette Glenn will vote to protect Michigan families!

Protecting Girls’ Sports

Forty years ago, Annette Glenn (left) was a state champion in the mile relay. Now she’s running to be our champion in the state Senate…

…where she’ll continue to champion fairness for female athletes, protecting young women and girls from being forced to compete against males in interscholastic sports.

As vice-chair of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on School Aid, Rep. Glenn led the House floor debate urging lawmakers to support language in the state K-12 budget prohibiting Michigan public schools from letting boys compete in girls sports.

“For generations, our society has fought for fairness for women’s sports,” she told lawmakers. “With Title IX and similar initiatives, we have made a lot of progress. But that progress is undermined if we allow boys to compete in girls sports.”

Medical Freedom and Our “Right to Try”

As our state Senator, Annette will protect your medical freedom and oppose any government attempt to force you or your children to ingest or be injected with any drug. She also opposes any policy that forces you to disclose private medical information.

“I believe people should consult with their personal doctors to determine what is best for them and their health,” Rep. Glenn told the Midland Daily News, reporting that many area residents contacted her office to express opposition to Joe Biden’s attempt — before it was declared unconstitutional — to impose a vaccine mandate on employers.

Annette also voted to amend Michigan’s “Right to Try” law to include your freedom to try alternative treatments for COVID-19.

Cut taxes. Exempt retirement income.

Rep. Glenn voted to cut the state income tax to 3.9%.

She voted to triple the Earned Income Tax Credit, which assists lower-income families and individuals. And she voted in favor of a $500-per-child tax credit against the state income tax. (House Bill 4568 and Senate Bill 784)

Annette knows retirement planning requires a lifetime of work and saving. She knows senior citizens saved decades for retirement, trusting the state would not tax their pensions. She supports repealing the unfair Pension Tax.

Plus, for seniors 62 and older, Annette voted to exempt $20,000 from taxes for individual filers and $40,000 for joint filers. Plus, she voted for an additional exemption applied specifically to retirement income — also $20,000 for single and $40,000 for joint filers.

Recovering from Flood Damage

When the Edenville and Sanford dams failed, Rep. Glenn was a leader in taking firm, decisive action to help those impacted by devastating floods. Sanford Village President Dolores Porte told a state Capitol news service that Annette “went the extra mile in being a tireless public servant.”

Annette sponsored emergency legislation in 202 to bring $6 million in state flood relief to our communities, and this year — as chair of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy — secured an additional $250 million to rebuild the dams. She led bipartisan demands for an independent investigation into the dam failures.

And she drove to Sterling Heights to hand-deliver a letter to Vice President Mike Pence, asking for a federal disaster declaration. Pence personally assured her the president would sign the declaration and that help was on the way.

Annette also organized volunteers to join her in personally cleaning out flood victims’ homes. One Midland flood victim wrote to Annette: “If you work as hard for the state as you did in my house, we are in great hands.”

COVID — Saving Lives, Saving Livelihoods

During COVID, Rep. Glenn worked tirelessly with healthcare, community, and business leaders to take common sense steps to save lives and people’s livelihoods.

Annette pressured state bureaucrats to retract threats to punish doctors over their treatment of COVID patients, including drugs the Henry Ford Medical Center found cut the number of COVID deaths in half.

Rep. Karen Whitsett, D-Detroit, even said Annette’s leadership helped save her life. Dr. John Pfenninger of Midland, long-time medical columnist for the Midland Daily News, agreed, writing that “Glenn’s actions may have indeed saved many lives.”

Cutting the Cost of Car Insurance

Rep. Glenn’s highest priority when she first ran for the state House — based on overwhelming public demand — was bringing down the cost of Michigan’s highest-in-the-nation car insurance. Annette worked with legislators of both parties to get the job done! Under the new law, Michigan drivers are now free to choose what kind of car insurance they need, at what price. Plus, drivers this spring received a $400 refund check per vehicle from the state. As our state Senator, Annette will continue working to bring down our cost of living.

Protecting Life

The Right to Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness has been a founding principle of our nation since outlined in the Declaration of Independence in 1776, which said those rights are “unalienable” and “endowed by our Creator.” At right with one of her nine grandchildren, Rep. Glenn believes the unalienable Right to Life applies to all Americans, including prenatal children. She’s endorsed in this campaign by Right to Life of Michigan PAC. She’s also endorsed by Americans of African Descent, a pro-life group led by Pastor Lonnie and Lady Frances Brown of Flint. As state Senator, protecting prenatal life will remain one of Annette Glenn’s highest priorities. To understand why, click here to watch one of the most powerful pro-life commercials ever made — by an appliance company.

Cut Prescription Drug Costs

Prescription drug costs are rising, a huge problem for many families and especially seniors. As state Senator, Annette Glenn will work to ensure families have affordable access to insulin and other prescription drugs, and she’s working now to lower those costs. Annette supports protecting health insurance coverage for patients with preexisting conditions.

Get Michigan’s Economy Back on Track

Before COVID, Michigan had enjoyed a dramatic economic recovery. Employment was the highest since 2005, and our economy was booming with better and higher-paying jobs. As state Senator, Annette Glenn will continue to work to safely reopen and rebuild a healthy economy so everyone in Bay, Midland, and Saginaw counties can find work and put food on the table.

No Taxpayer-Financed “Hush Money”

Rep. Glenn led efforts to stop attempts to cover up nursing home deaths and $11 billion in unemployment fraud via “gag order” contracts with two departing state agency heads — one who directed state COVID policy and the other, the state unemployment agency. These initially secret “hush money” contractspaid for with state tax dollars — totaled over $240,000. As reported nationwide by ABC News, Rep. Glenn led efforts to protect taxpayers, introducing legislation to ban using tax dollars to finance “hush money” contracts and to protect state employee whistleblowers from retaliation by the governor’s office or state department heads, regardless of party.

Prioritize our State Budget

Rep. Glenn serves on the House Appropriations Committee, chairing the Subcommittee on Military & Veterans Affairs and State Police her first term, and in a time of crisis after the Midland County dam failures, chairing the Subcommittee on Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy. She understands the needs our state budget must meet to protect public health, provide students a safe, quality education, and help ensure a healthy economy for hard-working taxpayers. As state Senator, Annette will have the budget experience to prevent waste and abuse of our tax dollars.

Clean, Healthy Water for all of Michigan

Rep. Glenn “has consistently fought for clean water initiatives throughout her legislative career,” WSGW Radio reported, a record of commitment she’ll take with her to the Michigan Senate. Annette believes that in a state surrounded by 21 percent of the world’s fresh water, Michigan must provide a clean, healthy water supply to all our state’s residents. As chair of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy, Annette supported grants to help Auburn, Midland, and Pinconning upgrade their water purification systems, all to keep mid-Michigan families safe.

Care for our Veterans

As chair of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Military & Veterans Affairs during her first term, Rep. Glenn worked hard to ensure that our veterans receive the healthcare and other benefits they’ve rightly earned, and that the Michigan National Guard has the resources it needs to fulfill its mission at home and abroad. As the wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and aunt of veterans who served during World War II, the Gulf War, and Iraq, Annette understands the difficulties veterans and their families face. As state senator, she’ll be a leader and advocate for those who’ve served.

Stop Human Trafficking and Sexual Abuse

Rep. Glenn is deeply concerned about human trafficking, especially since the FBI reports that Michigan has the second highest number of trafficking incidents in the nation and identifies I-75 — which runs through our state Senate district — as a “trafficking corridor.”

Following the sexual abuse scandal at Michigan State, Annette’s legislation to permanently revoke the license of any healthcare professional convicted of sexual abuse under the pretext of giving medical care passed the state House with unanimous bipartisan support.

Mental Health

Rep. Glenn knows that mental health is an important but often overlooked component of our overall well-being. As our state Senator, she’ll continue to support mental health initiatives that benefit those in need in Bay, Midland, and Saginaw counties., and throughout Michigan.

Improve Reading Skills

Rep. Glenn knows that literacy is critical to a child’s ability to learn and succeed in life. She’s championed the successful tutoring program at the Bay City Dyslexia Center, and she introduced legislation to reverse a veto of $15 million for remedial K-3 summer programs for students at risk of being held back. As state senator, Annette will continue working to ensure students can “read to succeed.”

Respect Those Who Feed Us

Rep. Glenn’s mother still owns a family farm that’s leased out for production. Her father was an agricultural extension agent. Both her grandfather and husband were CEOs of statewide livestock trade associations.

Annette knows Michigan’s $100 billion-a-year farm economy is our second-largest industry, providing a living for farm families and putting food on the table for consumers.

Annette was an associate member of Michigan Farm Bureau for two decades. She is endorsed by Michigan Farm Bureau and in her state House campaigns, by Michigan Corn Growers and Michigan Milk Producers.

At right, Midland County “master farmer” Clark Gerstacker gave Annette a tour of his fifth-generation farming operation.

Continue Fixing our Roads

The only state Senate candidate endorsed by ROADS+, the campaign arm of the County Road Commissioners Association, Rep. Glenn will continue to support fixing Michigan’s roads, bridges, and infrastructure — without raising taxes. In announcing their endorsement, road commissioners said they recognized Rep. Glenn’s “commitment, track record, and dedication to support county road agencies and improve Michigan’s local transportation system.”

Protecting our Constitutional Rights

Rep. Glenn is the only District 35 state Senate candidate endorsed by the National Rifle Association. As the wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law of veterans, she’s committed to protecting our 2nd Amendment right to defend ourselves and our families, homes, and country. All the more so with violent crime on the rise, dangerous gang members pouring across our open border, and Saginaw having the nation’s 4th-highest murder rate.

As Rep. Glenn told the Midland Daily News: “I oppose passage of additional ‘gun control’ laws that have only one practical effect: restricting the rights of law-abiding citizens. It’s simple common sense that only law-abiding citizens would obey such laws. The criminal or mentally deranged person willing to break already existing laws by using a gun to murder someone will obviously ignore any new laws too, which would have no effect whatsoever on criminal activity, as proven by the fact that gun crimes are the highest in Democrat-controlled cities that have the strictest gun control laws.”

Supporting Small Business

Rep. Glenn is the only District 35 state Senate candidate endorsed by the Michigan Retailers Association, whose board chair this year is the owner of a small outdoor recreation supply business in Midland.

She’s also endorsed by the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, the Small Business Association of Michigan, Michigan Manufacturers Association, and the Associated Builders and Contractors of Michigan.

Rep. Glenn in July was one of only ten state representatives in Michigan to be presented the National Federation of Independent Business “Guardian of Small Business” award.

In addition to other criteria set by the NFIB Michigan Leadership Council, the Midland Daily News reported that Rep. Glenn scored 100 percent on the small business group’s NFIB Voting Record for the 2021-2022 session. The NFIB Voting Record grades lawmakers on a 100-percent scale based on votes on issues deemed important to small business. Those issues range from tax and budget bills to regulatory and labor legislation.

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