The Right to Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness has been a founding principle of our nation since its birth in 1776. Rep. Glenn firmly believes this unalienable right — with which the Declaration of Independence says we’ve all been “endowed by our Creator” — truly applies to all Americans, including children not yet born. (That’s Annette with her youngest grandchild.)

Annette is the only pro-life candidate running for the 98th House District, as well as the only candidate endorsed by Right to Life.

Over the last 22 years, Annette and her husband raised five children in the Midland community and now have eight grandchildren.

  • As our state representative, Rep. Glenn voted to end painful dismemberment abortions, in which the abortionist cuts a prenatal child into pieces before removing it from the mother’s womb. Planned Parenthood has already mailed large postcards into our district attacking Annette for voting to end this gruesome and painful procedure. 
  • Rep. Glenn is endorsed by Right to Life of Michigan PAC and is regularly invited to speak during Right to Life of Midland County events. She also faithfully attends the annual events sponsored by Right to Life of Bay County.

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