Before the COVID-19 public health crisis, Michigan had seen a dramatic economic turnaround since 2008. Over 111,000 jobs were created since 2018 in the state of Michigan alone. Employment was at its highest level since 2005, and our state’s economy was growing with better and higher-paying jobs in all kinds of industries. Rep. Glenn’s highest priority now is to continue working to safely reopen and rebuild our economy.

  • She supports getting people safely back to work as soon as possible to help wage earners support their families.
  • She supports Michigan’s Right to Work law, a civil rights protection that guarantees employees the freedom to choose whether to join or financially support a labor union, and makes it illegal to discriminate against for fire someone based on which choice they make.
  • She opposes burdensome government regulations to ensure small businesses have the ability to benefit from a free market, providing more jobs and wage increases. She believes that the suspension of many such unneeded regulations by the governor’s COVID-19 executive orders should be passed into law and made permanent.

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