When the Edenville and Sanford dams failed, the damage done to thousands of our friends and neighbors was devastating. As our state representative, Rep. Glenn has worked tirelessly to do everything possible to help those impacted, whether it’s winning House passage of bipartisan legislation for $6 million in state flood relief funding, demanding a truly independent investigation of the dam failures, or personally helping flood victims clean out their homes. She’s fought for us every step of the way and will continue doing so.

  • Rep. Glenn introduced a $6 million flood relief package to help debris removal and chemical containment clean-up efforts, emergency protective measures, and the repair of real estate and personal property. It passed the House 107 to 1.
  • Rep. Glenn called on the governor to arrange a truly independent investigation of the dam’s failure that flood victims and all taxpayers can trust. She opposes letting the state agency responsible for dam safety investigate itself, and believes the governor’s current investigation setup — in which investigators were selected by the owner of the dams under supervision by state regulators, all of whom are being sued for their potential culpability in the dam failures — is not the truly independent investigation flood victims deserve.
  • Rep. Glenn recruited a group of over 40 individuals to join her in personally helping flood victims clean out their homes and recover as much as they could. As one grateful Midland flood victim wrote to Rep. Glenn, “If you work as hard for the state as you did in my home, we are in great hands.”

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