Democrats for Glenn” endorses Rep. Annette Glenn

“As Democratic elected officials, we’re crossing the political aisle to endorse Rep. Annette Glenn. We’ve had a close working relationship with Rep. Glenn and consider our own party’s nominee, Sarah Schulz, too radical and too liberal.

Annette works with both sides of the aisle to do what’s best for the people, regardless of party. She is a mainstream Republican who puts people of both parties over radical ideologies, and she has earned our respect and enthusiastic support.”

Bay County Commissioner Michael Duranczyk, D-Pinconning

Bay County Commissioner Michael Lutz, D-Essexville

Beaver Township Supervisor Steve Gray, D-Auburn

Fraser Township Trustee George Augustyniak, D-Linwood

Garfield Township Supervisor James Dubay, D-Linwood


These elected officials from Bay and Midland counties, Democrats and Republicans alike, endorse Representative Annette Glenn.

Rep. Karen Whitsett, D-Detroit, endorses Rep. Annette Glenn

“She puts others before herself. And it’s not just me. It’s her entire community. When the floods hit, she was nonstop, helping her constituents in any way she could. I swear she doesn’t sleep. Annette Glenn should be your choice.”

Supervisor Jim Dubay, D-Linwood, endorses Rep. Annette Glenn

“Annette Glenn has my full support for State Representative. In my twenty-four years serving as Garfield Township Supervisor, Annette is the only State Representative to attend our township board meetings, save for her husband. She has maintained active involvement in local politics throughout her term to engage with community members, keeping them apprised of important issues and striving to provide assistance to the people. From attending the fire department’s 40th anniversary to fighting for funding to replace a community bridge closed due to deterioration, her continued efforts illustrate true care for the people she serves. I look forward to working with Annette during her next term.”

Jerome Twp. Fire Chief Jerry Cole

“Rep. Glenn not only worked with our local first responders during the Edenville and Sanford Dam failures, the floods that followed, and the COVID-19 pandemic, but she was there for us when we needed the support most. …I am proud and honored, with many of my fellow first responders, to endorse and show my continued support for Rep. Annette Glenn. She is a vital member of our community who will do whatever it takes to support us.”

Sanford Village Councilman Lon Wackerle endorses Rep. Annette Glenn

“As a Sanford flood victim, I continue to be impressed by Annette Glenn’s unending support and constant presence in the community…It was through her bipartisan efforts with the governor that Sanford was declared a national disaster six weeks after the flood! This made millions of dollars of federal funding available to the community…Without people like Annette Glenn and her tireless efforts, Sanford would be nothing more than another bad memory that happened in 2020.”

Congressman John Moolenaar endorses Rep. Annette Glenn

“Annette Glenn has been in the trenches of the flood recovery effort with her Hero Helpers volunteers team, and she’s delivered results for Midland County. She has worked across party lines to build support for Midland and Bay counties and her leadership has been crucial during this time. She also secured Personal Protective Equipment for area businesses and first responders and held the state’s unemployment office accountable for its failures during COVID-19.  Finally, Annette also supported historic reforms that lowered auto insurance prices for Michigan residents. For voters, there’s no one better to serve another term as their state representative.”

Sen. Jim Stamas endorses Rep. Annette Glenn

“As State Senator, I’ve had the pleasure to work closely with Annette and I enthusiastically endorse Rep Annette Glenn for reelection. I’m pleased to see the seat I once held filled by someone of such high character. I was confident in her abilities two years ago, and I’m even more so today. She’s proven her skills as a leader — poise under pressure and passion for the people of Midland and Bay counties through her work here at home as well as on the House Appropriations Committee. Her passion to set priorities based on the health and safety of our communities, with meaningful and measurable results, provides a strong peace of mind for our families. Her continued focus on our neighborhoods and assistance these last few months truly demonstrates Annette’s commitment to each of us.  Please join me this November in voting for Rep. Annette Glenn.”

Former Attorney General Bill Schuette endorses Rep. Annette Glenn

“Annette Glenn is a hardworking and dedicated State Representative for Midland and Bay counties.  I am delighted to support Annette Glenn’s reelection campaign to the state House.  We need a strong leadership team in 2020 for Republican victories throughout Michigan.”

Michigan Farm Bureau endorses Rep. Annette Glenn

Right to Life of Michigan endorses Rep. Annette Glenn

Michigan Chamber of Commerce endorses Rep. Annette Glenn

Small Business Association of Michigan endorses Rep. Annette Glenn

National Federation of Independent Business of Michigan endorses Rep. Annette Glenn

Michigan Freedom Network endorses Rep. Annette Glenn

“The Michigan Freedom Network is proud to endorse and support Rep. Annette Glenn, who is willing to stand up and fight to defend Michigan families’ Constitutional rights. She has won this endorsement because she’s committed to limited government, government transparency, and the rights and opportunities of every citizen.”

— Tony Daunt, Michigan Freedom Network

Michigan Realtors PAC endorses Rep. Annette Glenn

County Roads Association endorses Rep. Annette Glenn

Michigan Corn Growers Association endorses Rep. Annette Glenn

Citizens for Traditional Values endorses Rep. Annette Glenn

Michigan Credit Union League endorses Rep. Annette Glenn

Property Management Association of Michigan endorses Rep. Annette Glenn

Michigan Bank PAC endorses Rep. Annette Glenn

Michigan Manufacturers Association endorses Rep. Annette Glenn

Michigan Retailers Association endorses Rep. Annette Glenn

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