County commissioner impressed by Annette Glenn

Posted Sept 23

To the editor:

As the Midland County Commissioner for residents of Sanford those hit hard by the Edenville and Sanford dam failures, it’s been my privilege to work closely with state Rep. Annette Glenn to make sure devastated flood communities receive the help we desperately need.

In close consultation with Midland County commissioners and Sanford’s village president, Rep. Glenn won bipartisan approval and the governor’s signature on a state flood relief plan that allocates $2 million to Midland County, $1 million to Village of Sanford and $2.5 million to the Four Lakes Task Force, a non-profit created to serve as the designated agent for Midland County in negotiations to purchase the dams, in hopes we can restore our lost lakes as soon as possible.

I’ve watched Rep. Glenn prove that she’s extremely knowledgeable and tireless in her efforts to assist flood victims.

In addition to millions of dollars in state disaster relief she pushed through Lansing, she’s led demands for a truly independent investigation of the dam failures. Annette’s demands won bipartisan support.

But Annette’s gone above and beyond her official duties as our state representative. In her “personal time,” if she actually ever takes any, she organized teams of volunteers to join her in working long hours for days helping flood victims clean out their basements.

One Midland flood victim wrote to Annette on Facebook: “If you work as hard for the state as you did in my house, we’re in great hands!”

As commissioner, I want the families I represent to know what I’ve seen up close and personal, that no one cares more or has worked harder or longer to help our flood-ravaged communities than Annette Glenn.

She has my full and enthusiastic support. I urge you to vote to keep Annette Glenn on the job, working for all of us as our state representative.