Councilman is voting for Annette Glenn

Posted Oct 7

To the editor:

As a Sanford flood victim, I continue to be impressed by Annette Glenn’s unending support and constant presence in the community. She has reached out to many of us and is exceedingly approachable whether in person our electronic media. It was through her bipartisan efforts with the governor that Sanford was declared a national disaster six weeks after the flood! This made millions of dollars of federal funding available to the community. She was also instrumental with getting Saginaw road over the Tittabawassee River funded which is a critical roadway through the town. Government funding whether it be federal or state typically takes a long time. Annette had the connections and knew how the processes work. I look around Sanford today and am amazed at how far Sanford has recovered in just four months. Without people like Annette Glenn and her tireless efforts, Sanford would be nothing more than another bad memory that happened in 2020.

You have my vote, Annette.


Sanford Village Councilman