Rep. Glenn knows that literacy is is essential to a child’s ability to learn and succeed in life. If a student isn’t able to read by 4th grade, up to half of all they’re taught thereafter won’t be learned or retained. We can’t let students fail before they’ve even truly begun learning.

  • Students that are not literate by grade three are four times more likely to drop out of high school than others. We need to support students finishing their education so that they can go on to find jobs they are passionate about and become life-long learners. 
  • Rep. Glenn supports the Read by Grade Three Law, which provides the best options to improve student literacy. This law is effective because it assesses students and determines the best course of action for each individual child. If a student is too far behind in reading, schools then have the opportunity to make decisions based on the child’s needs, such as providing them with specialized literacy teachers, reading groups, or the opportunity to grow in their reading skills by remaining in third grade for another term.

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