WNEM — State representatives write letter to Whitmer in response to allegations against the White House

Posted Mar 28, 2020

State Representatives Annette Glenn and Mary Whiteford of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services wrote a letter to Governor Whitmer on March 28 asking her to provide detailed information about allegations that the White House has instructed vendors to not send supplies to Michigan. 

The letter reads in part:

What you allege, Governor, cannot be allowed to stand or continue. Since the legislature has appropriated $150 million in emergency funding in part to procure and purchase such supplies for coronavirus victims and courageous healthcare professionals — on which we still await your signature — we are deeply concerned by your comments, for which documentation has not been provided that would allow us to join you in exposing and eliminating any impediment to the timely fulfillment of any already-existing state contract.

This letter comes after the representatives say Whitmer strongly suggested that companies are not sending needed supplies to the state in wake of the COVID-19 outbreak because of direction by the White House. 

The representatives say it is important that they continue working together with Whitmer to ensure that the citizens of Michigan receive everything they need as soon as possible for this public health threat. 

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