Michigan Radio NPR — Michigan House passes ban on tax-payer funded gun buyback programs

Posted Mar 5, 2020


Local governments in Michigan would be barred from using public resources for gun buyback programs under a bill (H.R. 5479) that the Michigan House passed Wednesday 58-49.

The bill would not prevent a local government from using public money to purchase firearms from a licensed firearms dealer for law enforcement purposes.

Rep. Annette Glenn (R-Midland), the bill’s sponsor, said no level of government should use taxpayer money to buy firearms from private gun owners.

According to Glenn, the bill is necessary to protect the taxpayer and to prevent unfair competition with private gun dealers.

“If a private gun owner wants to sell or dispose of a firearm, they are free to, and should turn to private sector buyers,” said Glenn. “Let the free market decide the supply and demand and the value of firearms.”

Glenn said the bill does not prevent people from turning in their guns to local law enforcement – and it does not ban private and nonprofit groups from hosting gun buyback programs…(read more)

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