Midland Daily News — Reader: Glenn stands for life (again)

Marian Fitzgerald | May 8, 2020

To the editor:

Again, our Rep. Annette Glenn has proven to me that she stands for life. Not only does she support pro-life policies for the unborn, but she also fights for the lives of every Michigander.

Rep. Glenn stood for life when she proved that some of the Whitmer administration’s orders were overreaching and incorrect. I was appalled when I heard that the administration threatened to take away the licenses of doctors who prescribed hydroxychloroquine, a potentially life-saving drug that has been praised by President Trump and many others for those who have COVID-19.

However, Rep. Glenn, as chair of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, knew that Michigan had previously passed the Right to Try law that allows doctors to try potentially life-saving drugs for their patients if they have a life-threatening condition and knowing each patient’s medical history. Rep. Annette Glenn called the Licensing and Regulatory Affairs department, asking whether they would truly pull doctor’s licenses for saving lives. Gov. Whitmer’s administration had no authority to issue such a threat, and LARA would not be abiding by it.

Rep. Glenn went a step further by calling people’s doctors personally, including a Democratic legislator from Detroit’s doctor, and explaining their licenses won’t be taken away if they prescribe hydroxychloroquine. This meant that doctors felt comfortable prescribing this potentially life-saving drug across the entire state because of our representative’s actions. There isn’t a large enough thank you for that.

Yes, I stand with Rep. Annette Glenn as she is truly fighting for life for all from conception to natural death. God bless her.

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