WNEM — State House passes flood relief bill

Brianna Owczarzak| June 18, 2020

A flood relief bill aimed at helping the communities impacted by the historic floods last month passed the state House on Wednesday.

The House voted to approve the bill 107-1.

The bill, House Bill 5843, now heads to the Senate. It needs to be approved by the Senate and signed by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to go into effect.

If approved, $6 million will be allocated to Midland County and the city of Midland to deal with the flood damage. The funding would come from the Michigan State Police Disaster and Emergency Contingency Fund, according to Rep. Annette Glenn, who sponsored the bill.

The funding will help with tree removal, sheltering, evacuations, chemical containment efforts, emergency protective measures, and repairing real estate and personal property, Glenn said.

“I’m grateful to lawmakers of both parties for their support of this emergency legislation. In the days and weeks following the flooding, I’ve been working in Sanford and Midland, cleaning out houses, tearing out drywall, insulation and carpet,” Glenn said. “I’ve talked with hundreds of flood victims and heard their stories. My heart goes out to the thousands of families affected by these unimaginably devastating challenges.”

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